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Placemaking in israel

Written by Hila Bar-ner .The report is based on a week-long Placemaking event that invited Project for Public Spaces (PPS) senior representatives to lead workshops and lectures in diverse Israeli cities. The publication contains three main parts: Accessible and clear Placemaking principles for Hebrew speaking practitioners, interviews with 13 Israeli Placemakers showcasing their projects, ideas and recommendations, and short critical and thought provoking texts on Placemaking written by Hebrew University Graduate students.

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Social aspects of Raze and Rebuild projects 

Written by Tal Alster, Hofit Weinreb and Dr. Emily Silverman.The report is based on a series of six meetings led by the Urban Clinic of the Hebrew University and supported by the Strategic Planning Department at the Planning Administration of the Interior Ministry and the Planning Department of the Housing Ministry. The report is intended for social and urban planners, community workers, elected officials, local leaders and other district and national-level officials who seek answers to questions regarding the social value of Raze and Rebuild projects. It aims to broaden and improve the positive social impacts of such projects in Israeli cities. 

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Social Urbanism: Ideas from the 7th World Urban Forum for Israel

Written by Israelis who participated in the UNHABITAT World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia, in April 2014. Each of the participants was asked to suggest what to include in the report based on their interests, the city Medellin, the conference, and especially the meeting points between their experiences in Medellin and their work in Israel. Each topic includes a short description, an explanation of why it is important, and its relevance to Israel. The many links dispersed throughout the report allow the reader to delve beyond.

Full report (PDF) > Hebrew and English

Affordable housing: tools for spatial planning and municipal regulations

Written by Rachelle Alterman, Emily Silverman and Haim Fialkoff (with Nir Mualem and Michal Yukla). The paper surveys six international case studies of affordable housing, in order to provide a local policy and legal framework suitable for Israeli municipalities. The cases surveyed are from leading economies in North America and Europe.
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Social Aspects of High-Rise Housing – International Case Studies

A report written for the strategic planning department of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Non-luxury high-rise building has been attempted around the world, and not always succeeded. Tel Aviv-Yaffo, the central municipality in Israel's largest metropolitan area, has asked The Urban Clinic for a survey of relevant cases from large metros. The report warns decision-makers not to repeat common failures, including opportunistic and near-sighted planning that resulted in depressing "bedroom islands" in the city. Positive recommendations put an emphasis on the role of regulation in creating livable and sustainable housing enviroments.

Locally-Initiated Affordable Housing Projects in Israel

Israel doesn’t currently have legislation for affordable housing or inclusionary zoning. Not waiting for the implementation of requisite legislative and policy changes, many local initiatives have sprung up, aiming to provide affordable housing on the ground. The survey, conducted in 2012 by Sarah Kreimer and Chaim Fialkoff, has two principal goals: A. develop a database of information on relevant initiatives, and B. analyze the needs face faced by these initiatives.
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The Spivak-Yona Committee Report – Housing, Transit and Land-Use Policy Subcommittee

The Spivak-Yona experts' team was assembled during the social protests of 2011 ("the tent protests"). The committee's recommendations for reducing inequality in Israel covered all aspects of social policy. Means for reducing housing prices, which served as the initial spark of the protests, were part of the chapter that also dealt with unequal land allocation, accessibility to public transit and more.
In the news: Haaretz, Aug 15th 2011 
Housing & Transportation Report > (Hebrew PDF)